Water Damage Restoration Prep Tips

Steps to Take After Water Damage in Your House

Not many people realize that water damage costs homeowners in excess of $20 billion every year. Whether it is due to burst pipes or storm floods, excess water will never be a welcome visitor in anybody’s home. Should you be faced with a flood or water damage somewhere in your home, it pays to act quickly. While personal safety is important in the event of rising storm waters, here is what you should do in the event of flooding in the prelude to water damage restoration.

Find the Source

Determine where the water coming from. If it is from a broken pipe, turn off the water source first. Is it due to a seeping foundation? You will need to call in a professional. Determining where the water is coming from, also determines whether the water is sanitary or not. Again, a burst pipe under your sink isn’t ideal, however, at least it’s clean water. The same cannot be said for floods due to a sewer backup.

Switch off the Power

You may not have to worry about this part if you are only dealing with a small amount of water. However, if you are dealing with a major flood, your electrical outlets could be submerged. So make sure you switch off the electricity for safety reasons. If your circuit panel box is in the basement, do not try to reach it. Instead, call your utility company and ask them to turn the power off. Once the water has been removed and you start to dry the space out, call in an electrician to inspect your wiring, in addition to any electronic appliances that could have been damaged in the flood.

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