Indications That You Need a Water Damage Restoration Service

Signs to Call a Professional Plumber

Property water damage is typically quite obvious. You will be able to see the water and all the damage it is making if the extra water is caused by something like a burst pipe or a basement flood. This isn’t always the case, though. Additionally, water damage might strike when you least expect it.

If this does occur, there are a few indicators you may watch out for to determine whether you actually have water damage. We examine these warning signals and how to determine whether your house has water damage below and hiring a water damage restoration service is needed.

Mold Infestation

Mold growth is one of the earliest indications of water damage. Consider yourself lucky if you can spot a mold patch’s telltale symptom.

But occasionally mold hides in obscure locations, such as between walls or under floors, making it challenging to find.

Cracking Paint

If this occurs, it typically indicates that the wall was exposed to too much water, which causes the construction components to contract and expand. This contracting and stretching weakens the paint, causing peeling and eventually cracking.

Problems with Your Floor

The floor of your home is another obvious evidence of water damage. Your laminate or wood floor may start to buckle or warp, and your grouted tiles may start to come loose and move slightly out of place if water accumulates in or under your flooring. Have your subflooring checked for leaks before the water starts to seep through your floors or tiles rather than merely chalking this up to old age.

You Notice Pooling Water or Puddles

Whether you see a puddle of water inside your house or place of business, wipe it up, keep an eye on it for a few days, and then check to see if the puddle reappears.

A pool of water will typically appear on the floor if there is a leak or leakage. If the dreaded pool or puddle reappears, you might be dealing with a leak or seepage.

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